Conference Earth - A decade of action



Conference Earth aims at creating a new human agenda for survival by looking at the basic causes behind the global crisis and identifying the problems - not just the symptoms - and then finding the solutions.

Conference Earth is based on a paradigm similar to that of wholistic health. The planet is a living entity because it has on it a meshwork of life which maintains itself on a reciprocal basis. This is similar to the Gaia Hypothesis of James Lovelock. Conference Earth takes into account the latest advances in science and thought. It is looking at the latest advances in quantum physics, in consciousness, in psycho technologies and in the power of the mind to heal. Human beings consist of mind, body and spirit and are integrated through the life process, which integrates all things in the delicate meshwork of the biosphere of which we are a part.

The key to change and economic success is not concentration on economic growth per se - we live on a finite planet which is undergoing the destruction of its living and non-living resources.

The vision of Conference Earth is to contribute towards the creation of a Planetary Peace Culture looking to life and common humanism as the core values for a sustainable society..
The Centre For Change has been formed to support this series of international peace and environmental conferences which act as foci, emphasising the Global approaches that are required if humanity is to seek a unified sustainable and positive future.