Conference Earth - A decade of action



The Centre For Change is dedicated to creating a world model which:

  1. FORMULATES a program to save the earth for future generations.

  2. RECOGNISES the necessity for global cooperation and awareness to address global problems.

  3. HONOURS the basic dignity and wholeness of each person.

  4. BRINGS TOGETHER- on a Global and Non-Sectorial Basis the means of making contact with others involved in diverse aspects of global healing and concern for planet Earth through the use of global communications networks.

  5. BRINGS TOGETHER PEOPLE FROM COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY who are able to deliver presentations which energise an entire global commercial community to develop "new ways", whereby we can reverse the demise of planet Earth.

  6. ADDRESSES the Global Environment Problem directly and implements solutions and aid strategies in ways which governments cannot.

  7. PRESENTS NEW TECHNOLOGIES which are environmentally friendly, conserve energy and water and encourage organic and innovatory farming.

  8. ENHANCES THE COOPERATIVE EXCHANGE OF INNOVATIVE KNOWLEDGE for the future, where the role of industry is paramount through speakers, representatives, displays, technology and sponsorship.