Conference Earth - A decade of action



Humanity and Planet Earth

- 2001 and Beyond

The Conference Earth - a Decade of Action is a series of international peace and environmental conferences, the first of which was held at Melbourne University from November 17th to 19th, 1995. Melbourne University supported and sponsored this conference, called HUMANITY AND PLANET EARTH - 2001 AND BEYOND.

Conference Earth - a Decade of Action is a non-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating practical projects to heal planet Earth on a global scale. It was conceived in 1989 by Dr Michael Ellis as a result of his association with Sir Mark Oliphant, Australia's 'father of science'. The global environmental change has become a focal point of international affairs Development with environmental preservation is needed to reduce the economic inequity which contributes to environmental destruction. Restoration of the environment requires the involvement not only of nations working together, but of the people of the world.

Effective people participation requires global education and knowledge.

Conference Earth draws on the expertise of leading organisations and individuals devoted to the cause of peace from Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, South America, Malta, France, Germany, India, Iran, Switzerland and Geneva.
Through our applied think tanks, positive ways of marketing environmentally safe products will be enhanced. Our emphasis is innovation, viewing entrenched problems from a new perspective and deriving practical answers rather than just talking.

A decade of action is essential to make a major and lasting impact.