Conference Earth - A decade of action


Who should attend?

Those seeking:

Connection with emerging leadership and organisational trends.
To create a new corporate reality.
Personal and Social transformation in the workplace and everyday life.

We can say that economic success in the long term is dependent on

1. Creating the Future we want and being aware of the kind of future we wish to create

2. Business and Economics shape the World Realising that It is the National and trans Natonal Businesses who shape the future of the World

3. Short term gains can lead to long term loss if we do not bring into account the planetary and social environment

4. Individual wellbeing and personal motivation are essential for any Company`s success

5. The System - Social and Ecological Systems Ecological deficit from climate change, pollution and ecological degradation lead to wars, poverty, refugees and unemployment

6. The Peaking of Oil Oil driven economies are threatened by the drying up of reserves and unless new technologies are developed or universal conservation measures are introduced large companies will not survive

7. The Economics of Happiness Industrialized well-being appears to rise as national income grows but the rise is so small it is sometime undetectable and unemployment however, seems to be a large source of unhappiness