Conference Earth - A decade of action



1. The Centre For Change Planetary Network.

The Network contributes working groups, projects, community activities and festivals to the Decade of Action Series of Conferences. The Network also circulates newsletters and reports around the World and contributes Keynote Seakers, Dlegates and Workshop Leaders.

2. The Centre For Change Global Information Bank.

This includes a report to be circulated widely throughout the World, and also computerised information network, which aims to improve communication and exchanges of information on Global problems amongst peoples and movements internationally and nationally.


The Centre For Change will support the establishment of a neutral body of women and men of good will and wisdom who are willing and able to speak on key issues affecting the future of humankind.


The Centre For Change plans to establish a charitable foundation to support the development of a centre of learning to bring out the finest qualities of humanness, global vision and leadership for the youth of the future. Scholarships will be endowed annually.


"Ultimately this Earth can be saved for Humankind only if people are prepared to live with Nature rather than upon Nature. We have been taughta that this World and all plants and creatures thereon were created for man's use; that he was given dominian over all other forms of life and that he must go forth and multiply. It is now clear that if he follows that belief, his extinction is inevitable. Therefore, his whole relationship with Earth amd with Nature must change rapidly. But relationsips between individuals or between man and his environment are intellectual and of the spirit rather than of material gain or loss......Consciousness of that relationship must be improved rapidly by all means within our power..........Perhaps a beginning would be the sort of World Conference which you envisage, a call not only to man's intellect, his comprehension and reasoning power, but also to the driving force of his underlying spirituality, his ability to care for others, for other forms of life, for the Earth as his home and responsibility."

-Sir Mark Oliphant